We mfr / supply conventional ayurvedic eqpmnts like Wooden Dhara Pathi Dhroni , Shalakha,Vasti nethram etc as well as contemporary products like Steam Bath System, Adjustable Tables, Mechanized Dhara and Pizhichil systems, Kshara Sutra Drier, awagaha bathtubs, high quality medicines mfrd using traditional processes and panchakarma accessories

Esteem Services

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Esteem Services is the leading supplier of Ayurvedic Therapy Equipments like Dhronis(massage beds), Phizhichil systems, Dhara Stands & vessels, Steam Bath Systems,equipments for panchakarma like Vamanam,Virechanam, Vasti,Swedanam etc. Our Research & Development team works with the aim of improving the existing systems as well as develop new equipments & products that improve the efficiency of therapies while reducing the skilled manpower and increasing the accuracy of therapy...read more

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Our Products

ShiroDhara Stand - Wooden
ShiroDhara Stand - Wooden
Dhroni - FRP - 8' / 9'  length
Dhroni - FRP - 8' / 9' length
Shirovasti  Cap, Oil Vessel, Jal Nethi Pot
Shirovasti Cap, Oil Vessel, Jal Nethi Pot
Panchakarma / Ayurveda Accessories
Panchakarma / Ayurveda Accessories

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