We mfr / supply conventional ayurvedic eqpmnts like Wooden Dhara Pathi Dhroni , Shalakha,Vasti nethram etc as well as contemporary products like Steam Bath System, Adjustable Tables, Mechanized Dhara and Pizhichil systems, Kshara Sutra Drier, awagaha bathtubs, high quality medicines mfrd using traditional processes and panchakarma accessories

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Shalaka (Panchaloha), Dhoomapana Nethram

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Shalaka (Panchaloha), Dhoomapana Nethram
1. Shalaka (Panchaloha): This is an indispensable tool for Agnikarma. It is made from 5 metals viz. Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron and Tin. It comes with a Wooden Handle.

2.Dhooma Pana Nethram: This is made of hand casted Bronze Metal and used to inhale medicated fumes emanating from herbs etc. kept on hot Cinder/Charcoal. The tip is placed in the nostril and the open end is directed towards the fumes before breathing-in.

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